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Cheap Bastids (or the Moto Guzzi Thread)


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Feb 8, 2022
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Post 'em if you got 'em...

I like my Guzzis! I still have the V7-III Special and California.


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2012 Tenni Griso, picture taken Thursday.
Wow! Im in love, what the hell is that thing, i never kneww Moto guzi made anything that looked as awesome as that.
I had motinis Ducatis but never a moto guzzi.
That bike in that colour is one prety bike, its a streetfighter styling exersise that some how made production. i want that quite badly, but will it ride like it looks i wonder.
Been around a few years too. i think the older one the same model as this one in this video is the one i. would get. Supose i best start my search what with them not being that common and all. I think i have to get one, :lol2"Knock me down with a feather" A moto guzzi who would have thought that i would hanker after one of that breed.

Guzzisti have a saying: "Ride one for 2 miles and easily walk away...ride one for 200 miles and you won't want to give it back."
Never had a moto guzi that could well be changing, i have started looking for a griso 1100 . Its an itch i just got to scratch. Its a bit bigger than what i wanted but i like how the whole thing looks. Mate came around today and we were talking, i mentioned the Griso idea to him, he suggested a monster, but though i have had a good few ducatis over the years , its hard to admit but the griso is winning hands down.
Ducatis are great until you need to adjust those pesky valves...the big-block Guzzis are simple to work on!

Its not hard at all to check Ducati valves.....no worse than shim and bucket, easier actualy because you don't have to worry about dropping a valve down into the head.
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