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Need a new project, BMW K75 "K"afe?

How about a bobber ?
Basic low and raw. As light as you can make it.
Build ...base it on a fast high performance bike.
Keep the bars low and feet forward and a decent comfy seat.and keep it quietish so its nice to ride along way.
Rebel cmx500 or Vulcan S 650.
I you could use an R45 BMW. And being the less inspiring of the R bunch you could get one cheaper. Perhaps.
I know bobbers are like everywhere and made from anything. But I based my toy arounda93 En500 Kawasaki and it was made out of not knowing what to do with an old metric cruiser. And once I rode it realised the en500 was in the a3 model more or less a screaming 50hp ex 500 engine. I knew a screaming bobber was the way to go.
If you look at my avitar get the general idea.
Its so low so light and it handles well too

As a ride most days run around go up the river bank scoutingg about sort of bike I think this kind of baRe bones basic bike is the go too tool for the job.
See what you think.
I don't run out of ideas, I run out of time and money. :lol3
I only have to glance through the classifieds to see 10 new ideas for projects.

How about a build thread where you convert one of your bicycles to electric? Too simple? Find a rusted/damaged bike and rebuild?

one to the Mods ZoomerP is also in process with research for a bike to lectric.... I Wood find a good thread on that useful
I'm with Matty on the bobber. But I'm thinking , R1100R,1100gs, R1150R, 1150gs, for the base ... Over sized knobby tires. With your Skill Jim ,that would be a badass machine.
I've been following/and getting advice from you long enough to know you Love the Boxers :smile6:wings:happay
How about a v-twin adventure bike? Most of the existing versions are pretty heavy. What about an SV650 engine in a DR650 frame? Or for a more expensive build; a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled with a 120 hp air cooled dry clutch 1100 Monster engine.
Everything I own is for sale.
Sometimes you just gotta pay for the bike and my sentiment.

me too. I'm in process of trying to sell the wife's bike while she is out of town....

Once you've restored/revived/redone a few bikes the basic process is the same.
This is it for me. You end up at a place you've been before. The challenge is no longer there, so goes the motivation.

If you can't think of what your next project bike should be that might be a good sign that your next project shouldn't be a bike. It might be time to look for something new.

I got burned out building bikes and just want to ride them now. I'm a habitual tinkerer and love to build, so I get the addiction. It's hard to just sit still.

My next project is casting/machining bits to build scale replica models of motorcycle engines I think are cool.
I don't see many near 300 pound trials bike riders! :-)
I know a few.
One of them who is well north of 250lbs, and is 72 years old. He can ride circles around me at 180lbs and 32 years old. The guy makes me look like a fool.

Trials doesn’t discriminate by size or age. That’s what makes the community around it so great.
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