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The Older I get, the Faster I was!!

No, I was never fast. I am not, and never have been a world class rider. I got my 1st motorcycle when I was 12, I am 64 now and still trying to learn to to ride.:dirtdog

I haven't ever owned a fast motorcycle, I bought a KZ900 in '78 that I thought was fast in those days.A couple yrs ago I rode one of my nephews Hayabusa, ran it up to 165, I don't know it's top speed is, but I know it is faster than I am !!!:wings:clap
Before I got on the 'busa I was talking big trash, my gonads were almost dragging the ground, when I got off it my gonads had sucked up so far it looked like I was wearing a bowtie.

That thing scared the crap outta me !!
Fast ? Its all time relative and back in the day we had what we had, today its again what and where we are now.
A spirited ride home one dark night on a 1970 trident was all a 19 year old Matty knew in 1977. But just a year later i had a 1975 Kawasaki Z1B900 and i saw 135MPH on that z1s speedo.
Year latter and it was the 1977 GS1000 and them in 1982 GS1100E , and without getting boring it went on and on the bikes just evolved improved if you like.
I will admit in the early 80s i remember talking to mates and we all agreed that tyre technology was going to be the limiting factor The avon roadrunner and Continental of the day were about all tyre manufacturers could create. :lol2
Embarrassingly naive but at that time again we knew no better.
I kind of missed al the 80s crap and just stuck to suzuki 750s/1100s in streetfighter form and never bothered with any other bigger bike but the mid to late 80s early 90s suzukis.
The sport bike thing never happened for me, any i did encounter were just parts for fighters.
Then in the 90s i had a ride on a mates fireblade and gsxr1000 and 750s and i did get the sport bike thing but never wanted in on it personally.
The fastest bike i have ever riden was abot 5 years ago a mates ZX14R it was fast i mean fast fast and chewed miles up almost as fast as i felt my drivers licence was desolving in my jacket pocket i swar at one point riding that bike i did hear the words " Will the court Rise":lol2 .
My thughts are if you want a fast mile muncher that would be a great bike to own.
I Do hanker after an R1 i would like a newer crossplane cranker R! and guess what i would streetfighter it but thats the way i roll just sayin.
130+ MPH many times , too many as I recall, back in the day, on the first litre bike I owned. A Bright Red 1980 Suzuki GS1000L with drag bars.

Always straight line stuff , on the Highway from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City, and back.
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Remarkably good lane discipline for a showboat selfie video.

I never, ever timed. My deal was accuracy. Brake, turn in, apex mark for every turn. Early ‘90s I probably had close to 90 percent of a pass memorized. Sort of like all day at the range - 10x 100%.

I think this MaxWrist guy is out on something like 30k $$ bail - ? Took down another rider?

Yikes!! I never ride there any longer.
Like MVI, I'm a straight line guy. I'm not horrible at cornering but I don't take the risks I used to, not interested in getting re-familiarized with the pavement again after 48 years since my last encounter with it. I've been 11.86 at 117 mph in the 1/4 mile on one of my CBXs, regularly ran 12.40s at 105 for a few years on my 450 drag bike back in the '70s and I've been 140 indicated on one of my CBXs as well, 125 a lot on many bikes from early naked Gold Wings to SOHC CB750s as well as the one Kawasaki I owned an '85 ZL900. Never bought into the sport bike thing either, can't stand the looks/style. Fastest modern thing I've ridden was an FZ09 in the last year, definitely badass but no cash or desire to own anything like it.
I have always been more of a corner carver rather than a straight line speed junkie. My first sportbike was a Yamaha FJ1100. I saw 147 on the Speedo on a deserted road in Florida. Then I moved to SoCal and I thought I was fast but some old guys on underpowered BMW twins showed me I wasn't when they left me in the dust on some curvy mountain roads. I did become a better rider by riding with those guys but I became a much better rider when I bought a "slower" bike. I replaced the FJ1100 with an EX500. I regularly ran away from bigger "faster" bikes on that EX500. Back in the 90s I would run through Deal's Gap like it was a racetrack. I was probably pushing as hard as Max Wrist was in the video but I know I wasn't going anywhere near as fast as he was. I probably had 1/3 the HP of the BMW Max Wrist rides.

I still like to push it on curvy roads but I don't push nearly as hard as I used to. I also ride slower bikes. I couple of years ago I did a flat out, full throttle run through the Dragon. I was chasing a Grom and Z125 on my Kymco 150cc scooter. It was fun. We broke 50 on some of the staights:ricky No way would I run a fast bike hard through there like Max Wrist did. When I was in my 20s and 30s I probably would have but I don't think I would have been dumb enough to post videos of it all over the internet.
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I've always been slow, but then again I've never ridden a street oriented bike. Every bike I have ridden resembled a dirtbike in some fashion with knobbies. One painful pavement slide on a KX60 when I was a kid taught me to be reasonable on the road (county roads in Kansas don't require the vehicle to be registered) and I haven't had the desire to be "fast" since. Instead I continually work on being smooth, and some folks say smooth is fast. So maybe, technically, I am faster now than I once was :lol2
Before I broke my Pelvis, L1, L2, L3, L4 , L5 and then the Tibia and Fibula, I regularly would ride Gravel and Red Dirt Roads in OK at WFT on the CRF with a Vortex. with wind resistance, gearing and my weight, that is 98 MPH on more or less flat but rough ground.

Once DOC clears me to ride hopefully on 01 OCT 2022, I think I will use the brain and wrist to limit my top Speed to 60 MPH. OK 65 MAX
Before I broke my Pelvis, L1, L2, L3, L4 , L5 and then the Tibia and Fibula
Damn dude, that's a lot of broken parts. Kudos to you for enduring it and getting ready to get back on. I have seriously compressed L2 and L3 discs and vertebrae degradation along with a collapsed left sacroiliac and I have enough back pain and stiffness as it is, more than enough for me. I blame that SL350K1 and hard landings from 20 feet of air back in the '70s for all my problems, and it's been street for me since my last XL250 in the mid '80s
Trust me, the KLX300 has a lot of appeal to me for the lower power. I "think" it will save me from myself :photog

But on the other hand, I have so much coin sunk into my CRF450, that it is just easier to keep it because :
A) all custom suspension, etc.
B) Everything works
C) A Do all Swiss Army knife bike (for me)
D) It makes for a great high altitude bike in CO, and Desert Runner in NM
E) Adequate, but a handful,on single track

if only there as a way to not go FULL SEND on it :hmmmmm
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My dirt riding background was much different than my street riding. I didn't start riding in the dirt until I was 43 and bought an XT350 dual sport. At 42 I was not young and indestructable like I was in my 20s and 30s riding sport bikes. I never pushed as hard in the dirt or rode the really challenging stuff like some on this forum have. I still like riding in the dirt but I don't really push it. I have seen 90 MPH on some straight dirt roads on my old KLR650.
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