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Baby Thumpers, Grom, Monkey, Z125, ADV190, Spade.....

China style gorillas.


Auto clutch, 4 speed, 125cc, 55 mph flat ground.
I love small under powered crappy bikes!
Its so fun trying to get them to go fast, anyone can go fast on a fast bike!
I did not always have slow crappy bikes, but after crashing those bikes and getting out of the hospital, I downsize smaller and smaller:
90805FC9-05BE-4A9E-B867-C5014B960DF6 (1).jpg

I almost went for a CT125 if they had been in stock, just for the rack, but I am glad I did not, I love the seat on the Monkey and the clutch.
What a load of fun for old guys these things are!
It made it up to 40F today so I took the Monkey out for a local romp.


I was cautious about some of the very large steep rough hills, because of the limited traction and tall gearing, plus the rough ones would be a problem for the little wheels and limited suspension.
But the smoother ones were fine, the Monkey went right up.
The motor sure has a lot of low rpm power and torque for its size (little).

I did about 25 miles, I likely used about a cup of gas.

This bike really tames my banzai speeds off road, you just can't fly over stuff.
Its fun to open it up on the smooth parts, but the rough stuff is almost walking speeds.
Kind of relaxing and fun in a different way.
Might be fun if it was street legal.
I guess that could never happen these days.

I had an XT200 a few years ago, a friend has it now, and I think it would be very close to this.
Its about 200 pounds, 200cc TW200/XT225 motor, about 8 inches of suspension, minimal 6 volt electrical system.
But you CAN tag it.....


Orion RXB 190:super
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