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Post your Harleys!

That may well be the nicest Sporty I've seen. Is that an old Windjammer Fairing?
My old girl.
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I have a REALLLLY bad itch for a Fat Bob. I nearly bought one about a month ago. Just seems like the $8k for a used one isn't really giving that much compared to what else I could get for a bike for that money.
06 Softail, rare quiet pipe mod, KLR upgrade in process. Need to figure out the riot shield, handshakes my dome like a mofo. Couldn't pass up a deal so I will see what this Harley thing is all about.
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I put the factory pipes back on my newly acquired Softail. The stock pipes sound pretty good. People damn near give stock pipes away, got mine for 25 bucks. Sold my short shots for 100.
The bike actually came with the stockers. So I do have them.
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