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Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X


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Mar 28, 2022
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There's a video in the article. Gotta love that thumper sound.

What sells me on the bike? 17" wheels! None of that 18" front wheel.

If you pay attention to the pictures, there are 2 bikes. Check out the different exhausts, handlebar, and front wheel:


No way this would be a 650 cc. Triumph would want to compete in the small bike market.
This bike holds little interest for me personally, but Triumph's move towards being 'exclusive,' and 'premiere' doesn't do a lot for young riders who can't afford $15K-$25K bikes ... making entry level models is a good thing. You could argue that the Trident is serving that purpose pretty well ... this bike appears to be offering an even more friendly price point.
Right now nothing Triumph makes interests me as far as wanting to buy it. I might be interested in a reasonably priced single or better yet, a twin cylinder, 440cc version of the Tiger 660.
Unfortunately, I lust for a Speed Triple RS/RR, a Scrambler, a Thruxton, a Speed Twin ... I just don't have the means. Pictures will have to do. :photog
Triumph are making some good bikes even better these days.
I was able to take a mates new model Speed twin "5800Miles" for a ride down into North yorkshire Last week, It was a very interesting bike. Its grunt just about anywhere in the rev range was Impressive. I was able to cover ground with that thing at a fair old pace, and certainly way better than the power figures might sujest.
Its a Torque monster that stops and handles well.
I admit to being a life long triumph fan, but even to some one who is not a dyed in the wool triumph advocate, its hard to ignore the speed twins capability and raw grunt.
Oh i am a Triple fan i have still got two triples a 71 trident and a 96 Trophy/ sprint hybrid, and only recently sold my 2016 tiger 800, nothing has a sountrack like the triumph triples. If i were in the market for a new triumph "which i very much am not" it would be the new trident, its not a torque monster like the speed twin but its certainly to my liking.
Will triumph offer soft bags or is it just for the mule?

Those look fun. I want to add a small bike to the garage. Maybe a Ducati 797 Monster first though.
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