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Triumph TF250X

The reviews will soon flood in, it will be easier to draw a conclusion of sorts then.
My Loyal To TRIUMPH Background want it to be special and a success, and its had time and money and talent thrown in to its development so with Triumph turning out some great motorcycles historically and in recent times there is no reason to expect this one to be Anything but A Triumph . I have no knowledge of build location or engine point of origin at this stage and if i did , i am sure the prejudiced opinion which i store under a big rock at the back of my mind would break free and color my opinion.
As it is i would like to see it judged on its merits rather than its build and component origins.
Either way its entering an established arena of competitors who are not short of the history money and talent in their DNA so its going to have to work well to make a real name for itself.
Let me just look at the damn thing!

I'll be glad when this spastic style of filming goes out of style. I know, I know....it's a teaser video
I would take an ajp before a trumpet dirt bike...unless it is one of those cool cubs ment to compete with a ty. I got scruples..
If Ricky likes it, I like it....

Seriously, I'd like to take a few hot laps to check out the frame flex
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I watched Ricky get smoked in 2005 at Daytona. Reed realed him in on a fire breathing yz250. Ricky got spit off in the whoops chasin. Reed was faster every lap and found a bump to clear the jump before the berm. Reed picked up his tuner and they rode to the winners circle! Takes more than Ricky to sell me.

For an aluminum frame that looks to be slim and give great access to the engine. Black plastics are gonna look 100 years old after a couple tanks of fuel, but plastics are pretty much disposable anyway.

Looks like they are only offering a 250cc MX model for now? Is that right?
We have a name! TF250X

Lots and lots of pics in the link:

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