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Feb 8, 2022
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My Golding is a Starship…..!

Nice bike. I really need to arrange a ride on a new DCT Wing. The bike makes no sense for where and how I ride but I just can’t shake the idea of making my lunch stops much, much further from home.
That is a really interesting location for a second trunk. Is it permanent or do you remove it when not traveling?
It is a Rivco Cooler Rack with a Givi Plate bolted to it. It is only on the bike for 2 up trips that are typically longer than a week that will see both warm and cold weather the same trip. We throw rain gear, electric liners, and such in it. Nothing heavy.

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My first Gold Wing, a '75 bought totaled and rebuilt by me and my auto body specialist father in '76. The Cycle magazine long distance test article about riding one from California to Bike Week in Daytona came out while we were rebuilding the bike (frame was tweaked and my Dad straightened it along with the forks, replaced a bunch of parts with new because there were few salvage Wings at that point, and he painted it like factory) and in the article the writer called it the Great Yellow Whale as it was a new '76 in yellow. I liked the idea and asked my could-have-been-a-cartoonist father if he could paint mine yellow and do something like that for me on the side covers. (ignore the dates on these pics, I half-ass converted them from 35mm slides in 2013)
GW frame straightening.png


GW going back together.png

75 Gold Wing.png

He did black and gold stripes instead of the factory black and blue


He drew the whale, then cut it out and used it to spray the silhouette of it, then airbrushed in most of the details and hand-brushed the rest


Apologies for a couple of backwards 35mm slides, took me getting a new slide converter and re-scanning some of these to see the centerstand arm on the wrong side... DOH!
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